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Rabi II 1429

Volume 24 No 4

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Submitters Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of the International Community of Submitters Published by Masjid Tucson

Are “Muslims"? really Muslims?

The majority of those who believe in God do not do so without committing idol worship. (12:106)  

This article is based on a general situation in the world today. It is not directed to a specific Muslim community, nor is it meant to condemn or judge the religious beliefs of anyone. Whatever is presented here can be established from the Quran, God’s Final Testament to the world, and readers can verify everything for themselves. God is the Best Judge and He alone knows who is a true Muslim and who isn’t.

The complete article with links to the Quran based readings can be accessed at www.masjidtucson.org

Most people who profess to be Muslims are not really Muslims in the true sense. And when they claim to follow the religion of Islam, most of what they believe or practice is quite different from the religion detailed in their scripture, the Quran.

Understanding the meaning of the words Islam and Muslim

The principal role of all human beings is to seek redemption to God so they may return to Him after their death in

this world. But to be redeemed to Him, they must first develop their souls large enough to withstand His awesome presence in the Hereafter which can only be achieved by worshipping God alone and leading a righteous life that pleases Him.

To ensure that they achieve the required level of soul growth and stay on the right track throughout their lives, God has been sending the humans instructions from Him, telling them exactly what they should do or not do on Earth. These instructions have come to the people in the form of ‘scriptures’ delivered by select ‘messengers,’ called prophets - specially appointed by God for this purpose. Any individual or community that “submits to"? or obeys God’s will in His scriptures, is guaranteed a happy life in this world and redemption to God in the Hereafter.

The Quran is God’s Final Testament to the world. Revealed in Arabic to Prophet Muhammad over twenty three years between 610 and 632 AD, it is the only scripture in existence

that is intact and accurately preserved by God down to every letter. It confirms, consummates, and supersedes all previous scriptures from God, giving the world a complete and perfect manual of “how to submit to God,"? in one single book. Everything you need from social, economical, political and judicial laws, along with specific worship practices to develop your soul and enjoy God’s grace and protection throughout your life, is contained in the Quran.

This “system"? or religion of ‘Submission to God’ is called Islam, and the one who practices the religion exactly as per Quran is called a Muslim. In English, the words for Islam and Muslim are “Submission"? and “Submitter."?

Unfortunately, those who call themselves Muslims often do not really qualify to be Muslims by virtue of the fact that they neither worship God alone, nor follow the Quran alone as their source of religious guidance.

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