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Jumada I 1417

Volume 12 No 10

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Submitters Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of the International Community of Submitters Published by Masjid Tucson

What is Your Goal In Life?

One of the most challenging aspects of our lives is to keep our priorities straight and to keep ourselves focused in the purpose of achieving a specified goal. This is, of course, after we have set up or defined a goal for ourselves. Unfortunately, many people do not have a clear sense of purpose in life. Therefore, when they set up goals for themselves, they usually do so for the wrong reasons. This is because they lack the scriptural guidance from God in their lives.

God tells us in His scriptures what this life is all about. He also informs us what our goal in this life should be. This is especially clear in the Quran, the Final Testament for humanity. All we need is to follow the prescribed instructions in the scripture to achieve that goal.

There was an interesting article published in September 1996 issue of Moneysworth magazine. The title of

the article was “How to Develop a Mission Statement” and it addressed the importance of having a goal in life to be successful. The article was about how successful top executives develop a mission statement to focus their energies, target their initiatives and keep on track to achieve their goals. The author of the article was Stephanie Culp, president of a consulting company that focuses on productivity and organization.

Since the article was published in a financial magazine, it was geared for those whose priorities are the materials of this world. Even though the objective of the article was materialistic success, it could apply for gaining spiritual success as well if one read the article from a different perspective. The article emphasizes the fact that we need to have a mission; we need to have a goal in life. We must constantly remind

ourselves what this goal is in order for us to keep focused. We, the submitters, can use these principals to be successful and happy both in this life and in the Hereafter, as long as we define our priorities correctly, based on the Quran.

Here are some quotes from this article.

A clear sense of purpose in life will do much more than prevent late-life regrets. It will help you prioritize your efforts, accomplish meaningful goals and more effective decisions.

Your personal mission statement is a tool for commitment, inspiring you to keep striving and to overcome fears and self-imposed limitations.

What is Your Mission?

Consider your personal legacy—the way the world will remember you after you’re gone.

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