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Zul Hijja 1418

Volume 14 No 4

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Submitters Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of the International Community of Submitters Published by Masjid Tucson

Our God is One and the Same

(Part II)

Anyone who accepts other than Submission as his religion, it will not be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter, he will be with the losers. (3:85)

Islam is not at all what you see on the television, or in the newspapers. The current political ideologies of some Islamic nations is not Islam. The misguided souls who bring misery and suffering to others around them in the name of Islam do not have the foggiest notion of true Islam. Many commit the most horrendous atrocities in the name of God, and it is no wonder that they continue to suffer collectively. The same is true for people of other religious persuasions who fail to heed God’s commandments, and choose instead to follow the popular opinion of those around them.

“True” Muslims do not attack unless attacked. “True” Muslims do not chant death wishes to an entire nation or issue death warrants over a novel. A Muslim is, by translation, a Submitter.

A believer is one who has submitted to God’s will and has attained the position of having no doubts whatsoever about God and strives in His cause. God tells us that as believers we should tread the earth gently, ignore the insults of disbelievers, forgive those who wrong us, disassociate ourselves from those who try to harm us because of our beliefs, and when we speak to anyone, even disbelievers, we should speak in the best possible manner. If as believers we are forced to defend ourselves, then we should call on God for help and for victory. If the enemy withdraws, or asks for forgiveness, believers are not allowed to continue with aggression.

Islam means submission to God and Abraham is the founder of Islam. As both James and the Quran state, Abraham was a friend of God.

Who is better guided in his religion than one who submits totally to God, leads a righteous life, according to the creed of

Abraham: monotheism? God has chosen Abraham as a beloved friend. [4:125]

Community of Submitters

There is a small but steady movement by a group of people known simply as Submitters to educate and enlighten anyone who is willing to learn more about true Islam. They come from all walks of life, and live both here and in other countries around the world. Many face persecution from within their families, as well as from the societies in which they live, because they oppose the traditional religious stance which is accepted by the majority that governs. As Americans, we are blessed in that we have the constitutional right to worship as we choose. It is the aim of all Submitters to seek universal unity and understanding with all believers, no matter by what name they may go, and to share God’s message with any who care to listen.

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