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Rabi II 1419

Volume 14 No 8

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Submitters Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of the International Community of Submitters Published by Masjid Tucson


Religion of Peace, Justice and Freedom

The Western world perceives the religion of Islam as a very barbaric and primitive religion. But anyone who reads the Quran will realize that Islam (Submission) is quite different than this perception, and has almost nothing to do with what is being presented and practiced by the so-called Muslim countries. In fact, Islam is a beautiful, compassionate, and very progressive religion with no non-sense. So, why is this gem of truth concealed, abandoned, or misrepresented? Who is responsible? Who is to blame, the Western world or ourselves?

Muslims should look in the mirror, and reflect on themselves. Are they

really following the word of God in the Quran, or the innovations that have nothing to do with the religion? The problem is that the Muslim masses don’t even know what is in the Quran to make that judgment. Thanks to their bearded, turbaned, and close-minded scholars who constantly refer to sources other than the Quran to conduct their affairs and to delegate their opinions. Because of their misguidance, the majority of Muslims today are divided and confused. In general, they are under achievers, under civilized, under developed, under nourished—under too many undesirable conditions to list.

The consequence of abandoning the Quran in favor of innovations, man-made rules and regulations is clear throughout history. Therefore, if there is misconception of our religion in the West as well as within the Islamic community, we can’t blame anybody but ourselves.

In the Name of Religion

When people refer to the sources other than the Quran, they can justify almost anything in the name of religion. The killing of innocent people through terrorist acts is an example. There is no justification whatsoever in any scripture of God for such terrorism. As a matter of fact, such unjust acts are prohibited.

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