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Submitters Perspective

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What A Beautiful Destiny

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But yet we often find ourselves faltering with basic commandments. We read earlier that we must be reverent. We must be especially reverent during our daily Contact Prayers. As believers we do observe our five daily Contact Prayers. But how reverent are we about them and during them? How well do we understand what we are saying and how well do we uphold those words in our daily lives? These few moments out of the 24 hours God has given us are a very special opportunity for us to drop everything and make very special Contact with HIM, reciting His beautiful gift, the Key, repeatedly acknowledging that HE is indeed the Great Lord of the Universe!

What about the Obligatory Charity (Zakat)? To give from what God has given us, which we have only because HE gave it to us in the first place. Of course we will give! Praise God for the fact that we are in a position to give Zakat! But giving could be the easy part. How efficient are we in expediting the calculation and distribution on “the day of harvest?”

We must spread God’s message by inviting to the Path of God.

Verse 3:104 says “Let there be a community of you who invite to what is good, advocate righteousness and forbid evil. These are the winners.” Verse 41:33 says “Who can utter better words than one who invites to God, works righteousness and says, I am one of the Submitters.

We must remember that we are commanded to spread the word of God. The command is not to spread the word that we are knowledgeable about the word of God. A person worthy of saying “I am one of the submitters” should spend his time directing people to be kind, humble worshipers of God and to pray for guidance to understand the Quran; not spend his time directing people to himself or his understanding of the Quran, disguising it under calls to follow Quran alone!

God constantly reminds us that HE is with those who repent and steadfastly persevere. In time of adversity, resort to patience, be steadfast in obeying HIS commandments, remain guided, forbid evil, steadfastly commemorate God, and advocate one another to be righteous. We must fully repent, which is important, because we know God does redeem after one has repented sincerely and completely. “As for those who repent, reform and proclaim, I redeem them. I am the redeemer, Most Merciful.” (2:160)


Righteous and Righteousness

Verses 26:89-90 state that “Only those who come to God with their whole heart (will be saved). Paradise will be presented to the righteous.
Verses 50:31-35 tell us that “Paradise will be offered to the righteous, readily. This is what was promised to every repenter, steadfast. They reverenced the Most Gracious, in their privacy and came whole-heartedly. Enter it in Peace; this is the day of Eternity. They get anything they wish therein and we have even more.” Verse 2:201 is the prayer of believers: “Our Lord grant us righteousness in this world and righteousness in the Hereafter, and spare us the retribution of Hell.
Continuously, God reminds us to be appreciative. Verse 2:152 says “You shall remember ME, that I may remember you, and be thankful to ME, do not be unappreciative.
Lastly, God has given us examples of many words we must pray to hear on “the Day of reckoning”. Among the words that I look forward to hear, if my Lord wills, are in Verses 89:27-30: “As for you, O content soul, return to your Lord, pleased and pleasing. Welcome into My servants. Welcome into My Paradise.
Mashallah. May God guide us and forgive us. Praise be to God, Lord of the Universe.

Hena Rahimtulla
Mumbai, India