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Ramadan 1421

Volume 16 No 12

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Submitters Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of the International Community of Submitters Published by Masjid Tucson

The Guidebook

And most assuredly, it (the Quran) is a guide and mercy for the believers [27:77]

No sane person would ever put to use a highly technical type of machinery without consulting the guidebook or instruction manual supplied by its maker or manufacturer. But we have totally bypassed this essential practice in our own case and have completely ignored the GUIDEBOOK coming from the One and Only Creator to guide all human beings. The divinely selected and guided messengers, right from the first one to the last, presented one and the same universal code to unite the entire mankind into one nation and brotherhood.

It is our ignorance that has made us label ourselves as Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jew, Parsi, Shia, Sikh and Sunni etc. And we proceed further; every sect is getting divided into numerous sub-sects!

All these man-made sects have created their sectarian literature in derogation to the book of God. Such sectarian literature is followed by one sect and completely or partially rejected by the other. And it is this literature which produces and nourishes cast-system, family-worship, personality-cult, fake mythological concepts, practices, customs, rituals, ceremonies, festivals by completely paralyzing the conscience and intellect of man.

Throughout the period of the Quranic Islam practiced by the prophet and his trained companions, people were learning, understanding, adopting and propagating the Message of the Quran. They were following only one source. In that period, even the prophet instructed his people not to take anything

from him except the Quran. It was only many years after the death of Prophet Mohammad that the written material of religious instructions outside the Quran started its appearance under the heads of ansaab, fiqh, hadith, lughat, rijaal, seerat, tafseer, tarekh etc.

It’s a tragedy that believers become victims to this man-made literature and its illegitimate history-record. Those who accepted this man-made literature, developed it, and regarded it sacred, became sects and later on got divided into numerous sects and sub-sects, inspite of the strict warnings in the Quran available in verses 3:105, 6:159; 30:32.

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