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Rajab/Shaban 1422

Volume 17 No 10

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Submitters Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of the International Community of Submitters Published by Masjid Tucson

The majority of those who believe in GOD
do not do so without committing

Idol worship


I had a very interesting experience that I would like to share since we are all subjected to these kinds of circumstances. A few days back a couple of my friends came to see me and talk to me about not attending the Friday prayer at the masjid (mosque) anymore. When I told them that I stopped going there since this masjid, like many others, advocate idol worshipping, they were stunned!! They tried to argue with me that fact and getting on my case for calling these, so-called-Muslims, idol-worshippers. Here, I’m representing my argument.

First I started with reciting the following verses:

[72:18] The places of worship belong to GOD; do not call on anyone else beside GOD.

[9:107] There are those who abuse the masjid by practicing idol worship, dividing the be-lievers, and providing comfort to those who oppose GOD and His messenger. They solemnly swear: “Our intentions are honorable!” GOD bears witness that they are liars.

[9:108] You shall never pray in such a masjid. A masjid that is established on the basis of righteousness from the first day is more worthy of your praying therein. In it, there are people who love to be purified. GOD

loves those who purify themselves.

Then I explained a very important issue that’s very misunderstood by the majority of people: The difference between a KAFER (non-believer) and a MUSHRIK (idol-worshiper).

The common idea of an idol-worshiper is a person who prays to a statue or some form of idol (such as fire, sun, moon, stars, animals...etc) but when reviewing this matter in the light of the Quran, we’ll simply find that this isn’t the complete truth. Let’s check some verses in which God is talking or describing idol-worshipers.

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