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Submitters Perspective

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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Worship GOD Alone

All messengers and prophets of God came with the same message: There is no god but GOD, and He is the only one worthy of worship. Therefore, whoever believes in this message, believes in the Hereafter and leads a righteous life, God gives them their recompense (2:62, 5:69). They are submitters in the sight of God.

There is no doubt that the Quran has been perfectly preserved in its original language, Arabic, and contains the most efficient method of getting us to Heaven. It is therefore a tool or prescription for our guidance. But there will be people who will make it to heaven without seeing a Quran, or the translation of the Quran we are blessed to have. It is God’s mercy that He directed each one of us, in His miraculous ways, to get the true message in the Quran—worship GOD alone.

God says He made the Quran easy to understand, consistent and fully detailed. The Quran is our ever-living messenger until the Day of Judgment. It is therefore our only source for religious guidance.

But the power behind that book is God and we must never forget this. Otherwise we will be like the people who memorized the Quran by heart, but failed to get the message. Also, uttering buzzwords such as “I follow the Quran alone” will not help us unless we truly seek help and guidance only from God and no one else.

The Quran comes with examinable, verifiable and utterly irrefutable mathematical composition based on the number 19 that the Quran is God’s message to the world. One of the functions for this miraculous composition is that it strengthens the faith of the faithful. Because the Quran was sent down to all the people, its miracle based on the number 19 ranges from extreme simplicity to extreme intricacy. This enables people from all levels of education to appreciate the mathematical composition of the Quran.

God does not expect us to understand every intricate detail of the miracle. But we cannot reject the existence of the miraculous composition of the Quran without studying it, or fight against it.

God’s message in the Quran is simple and universal: Our God is one and the same. There is only one God and we should worship Him alone. But because of the distortions in religions, the majority of people on earth remain ignorant of this beautiful message and what is good for their salvation. Therefore, we have a responsibility to spread the message to the best of our ability. However we are responsible only to give the message to the people. We are not responsible for guiding them. God is the only one who guides people in accordance with the knowledge He has about them. Therefore, let us pray: "Our Lord, let not our hearts waver, now that You have guided us. Shower us with Your mercy; You are the Grantor. [3:8]