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Submitters Perspective

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Comments From Submitters

…Just wanted you to know how much I like your web site. It has been extremely helpful to me. I’ve been thru just about every religion under the sun, from paganism to Judaism to Christianity (+through the various sects within Christianity.) While I would find some answers, there was always something driving me forward. After reading the Bible (all of it) and coming away from that with more questions, suspicions, doubts, etc. I then also investigated how the church got its dogma, how reliable was the Bible, etc. Needless to say, what I found surprised me, and sent me searching even more.

Then I decided to see what Islam had to say. God, in His grace, had me hit your web site. I started to get answers to some long-standing questions. Then I read the Quran (still am – though I’m almost done). And everything was clear. I haven’t had such clarity – ever. I wish every one would read it. Unlike the Bible, where I noticed so many discrepancies, illogical conclusions, the Quran is clear, concise, readily understandable (at least to me). CONSISTENT that I don’t understand how Christians can read and think it’s the work of the devil. It saddens me that the Old and New Testaments have been so tampered

with. They have been so sadly diminished because human didn’t find God’s words good enough.

It also shocked me to see that what calls itself Islam today quite frankly isn’t. Though I shouldn’t be shocked. After all, look what Christians did to Christ. It seems most people aren’t happy until they’ve piled up a big mound of garbage between themselves and God. Having gone thru so many religions and seen this happen every one, imagine my relief in finding a web site that follows the Quran only. I, too, have found that the Quran is all that is necessary – that plus letting God guide me.

That’s also why I don’t call myself a Muslim. Not because I’m not a Submitter, but because the words “Islam” and “Muslim” don’t signify today what they did before. Instead I call myself a Believer or a faithful person. In the west, still, Islam brings to mind only one thing: a fanatical, terrorist, violent person. It’s the exact opposite of what God meant by the word….



[Ed. The comments were through the site after September 11, 2001 events. They are still valid today. Please see the article “True Islam Hijacked” in September 2004 issue of the Submitters Perspective ]

As-salamu Alaykum.

I came across several of your newsletters floating around… and was surprised that so many of the things I was feeling and questioning were answered in the few I read. I love your newsletter because it keeps Islam simple.

May I please begin receiving your papers? I’m a slave of the state of Texas at the moment and unable to pay for it, but I feel it’s very vital to my walk with Allah. So if there is anything you can do to help me, it will be greatly appreciated.

May God continue to shine his peace and mercy upon you and the true believers. God willing I will hear from you soon.

Your brother in Islam

W. G.